Three years ago a school of Orthodox iconography was started with classes held at St. Michael the Archangel Serbian Orthodox Church (Toronto, Canada). The school’s  goal is to offer a basic understanding of the style and techniques of Orthodox Christian  art through hands-on experience. Using as examples the best of traditional Serbian  religious art, students are introduced to the masterpieces of Byzantine iconography. In this manner they learn to differentiate traditional Serbian/Byzantine icons from later deviations of Baroque and Roccocco styles which influenced Orthodox art from neighbouring Roman Catholic countries, starting in the 17th Century.

      Classes are held weekly at St. Michael’s Church, where students learn step-by-step the techniques of Byzantine iconography, to the background music of Serbian, Greek and Russian Orthodox chanting. The initial aims of the course have been significantly exceeded. Those who have completed their sessions have not only learned the technique and style of painting icons, but have gone through a spiritually creative process by which their original goals have been transformed into real icons. With the final blessing of the completed icons, they take on a meaning far beyond any of the artworks which we usually keep in our homes.

      Every icon is wonder-working, but especially for those that are praying before them. An icon serves to help lift us upward to the Heavenly Kingdom, where the saints unceasingly listen to our supplications and are our intercessors before our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the only Lover-of-mankind. Each student’s icon, made through their own labour and love, becomes a ‘window looking into eternity’ which they place into their own homes. When we are beset by a flood of temptations which come to us in this  stormy life, the icon is a window through which we can, with yearning, gaze upon the path of salvation. 

The iconography school is  currently in session, and accepting interested students. For further information call Mr Dobrivoje Ivankovic (416) 259-2154.




Icons of iconography school students